Our Purpose

More than just a clothing brand

BROTHABOY inspires Aboriginal YOUTH to;

  • FINISH SCHOOL – tutoring, a safe environment to study and complete homework/assignments
  • QUALIFICATION – obtain a business, retail, design or multimedia accreddited qualification
  • OPPORTUNITY – realise their full potential within the workforce through corporate partnerships
  • SUSTAINABILITY – obtain a meaningful career in their field of choice

BROTHABOY represents the independent, innovative and empowered
modern Aboriginal community; turning talk into action.”


Our Enterprise Model

BROTHABOY operates as a hybrid business incorporating three core elements

  • The Business: BROTHABOY creates clothing that reflects modern Aboriginal life, culture and pride.  The business provides training opportunities for Aboriginal youth as well as generating funding for community initiatives. Other areas of service include management of events for government, community and corporate, branding and re-branding, and all things multimedia related
  • Accredited Training:  BROTHABOY provides accredited vocational training in the areas of graphic arts, business, retail and multimedia
  • Social Procurement: BROTHABOY provides our trainees with support services such as mentoring, career planning and employment brokering.

Our Impact

  • BROTHABOY combats Aboriginal youth unemployment by helping students complete high school and move into employment through partnerships or advocating for higher education
  • We help create independent, sustainable income streams for Aboriginal organisations.
  • We generate funding for other innovative Aboriginal community initiatives.

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