Q & A with Nathan Lovett-Murray

“I just kept working hard and believing in myself” -  Nathan Lovett-Murray

This month, BROTHABOY caught up with AFL champion and Payback Records founder, Nathan Lovett-Murray.

Q: Where are you from? Who is your mob?

A: Heywood, south-west Victoria. Gunditjmara mob


Q: What is Payback Records?

A: It’s a recording label based out of Preston in association with the Songline Aboriginal Music Corporation. It gives opportunity to young Indigenous people to have a voice through hip hop music.

Q: What did you like best about being a footballer?

A: Being able to travel and meet different people

Q: What was the hardest thing you have had to overcome to play AFL?

A: Being told I wasn’t good enough

Q: How did you overcome that?

A: I just kept working hard and believing in myself, along with my family’s support.


Q: Best advice you were ever given?

A: Make the best of your opportunities – Kevin Sheedy

Q: If you could get all of Australia to adopt one aspect of Indigenous culture/way of life/values, what would it be?

A: Family. The closeness we have with family; non-indigenous people can adopt that too.

Q: What’s your favourite Brothaboy product?

A: The Payback tee

Q: You wear Brothaboy because…?

A: Because I’m proud and Aboriginal